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Rooted in questions concerning social and artistic isolation and interaction, this, here and now, is our first attempt to explore together the possibility of collective creation.

We believe that in order to be united, one must atone with one’s individuality, in trust, provide it to others and seed it within common ground.
In practice, we re-evaluate our mediums and try to embrace variability while our actions stay true to their origins. Through our presence, bodies, movement, language, sound and images, we aim to realise inside the performative and audiovisual space, something honest, instinctive and transparent, neither sterilised nor considered apart from life.

Transcending from the personal to a common human experience, we aim to share an intuitively felt energy that outlines our togetherness; a family-like feeling, the intensity of a folklore feast, reachable and open for you to “atone” with.

* To atone [making amends / reparation] originally from becoming united [at-one].
Creation and Performance by:
Jakob Jautz, Eftychia Stefanou, Sotiris Ziliaskopoulos and Marina Fragkiodak